When it Comes to Cannabis Storage, it’s Beyond Time to Upgrade From Your Shoebox.
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When it Comes to Cannabis Storage, it’s Beyond Time to Upgrade From Your Shoebox.

Jan 14, 2024

Whether it's shoeboxes under the bed, hidden closet shelves, or just plastic canisters on a crumb-strewn counter, Oregon weed deserves a better container than these typical makeshift solutions.

Proper storage might not sound as important as regenerative cultivation or skilled harvesting, but the right repository will not only keep your flowers fresh; it will protect them from UV light, temperature fluctuations, humidity and even mold—all of which can impact a cultivar's potency and overall shelf life.

Cannabis storage systems have come a long way since the days when we were hiding Ziploc bags in Pringles cans. The contemporary cannabis connoisseur can now store their buds in sleek end tables, gilded cases, desktop glass humidors, and even designer storage boxes created to both protect and flex.

Whether you’re a parent hoping to keep your stash private, a showoff pining for the perfect display case, or a lifestyler with a thick wallet looking to level up your container game, there is a lockable stash box out there for you.

Here are a few of our faves:

The Apothecarry Case

The original Apothecarry case is a sleek, textbook-sized wooden box with an inlaid key-combination lock. The exterior is chic and uncomplicated, but inside you’ll find an ultra-padded, sumptuous humidor with four glass flower jars, four dab containers, a removable rolling tray, and elastic bands for your own glass tools like rigs, pipes and small bongs. These cases are currently available in two stains: dark brown and dark black. Apothecarry also offers a smaller, two-jar travel case, a stainless steel travel case, and a vessel just for dabs.

BUY: Theapothecarrycase.com. $275.

The Apothecary Case


Stoners in the market for something a bit less austere than a glossy wooden case might appreciate the far more affordable and much less ostentatious LockGreen, a waterproof, odor-proof, asphalt gray affair that secures cannabis, glass and even valuables and documents in a bag that is an insulated lunchbox's doppelganger. The LockGreen is equipped with a built-in, three-digit combo lock that looks more like a closing mechanism than something you might attach to a gym locker, making the package feel especially discreet.

BUY: Lock-green.com. $59 for a small, $69 for a large.



It can be argued that strain hunters questing for the next best cultivar ought to have some pretty extraordinary storage capabilities. If your prized, rare phenotype is just going to rattle around in a plastic canister, absorbing phytates and BPA, what's the freaking point? Cannador tabletop humidors are one solution. These simple, unpretentious, odor-proof wooden boxes lock with a key and hold two to four half-ounce jars. Cannadors offer an optimal environment for your rare phenotypes thanks to their VaporBeads system that, along with the ventilated jar lids, maintains fresh, fragrant flowers.

BUY: Cannador.com. $45-$299.


Forti Goods

If money is no object and your stash is vital enough to be integrated into a piece of furniture that's so finely crafted you’ll want to leave it to your grandkids (presuming the human race lasts that long), Forti Goods should meet your posh needs. This is anti-fast furniture (sorry, Ikea) made with nontoxic materials that have been sustainably harvested. Each piece, which ranges from armoires to end tables to hutches, features at least one smart-locking drawer or cabinet controlled not by lock and key, but Forti's secure mobile app.

BUY: Fortigoods.com. $2,700-$6,250.