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Aug 18, 2023

Traditional teardrop trailers are usually heavy so they need larger vehicles to tow them. But not the Polydrops P19 [Shorty]. It is ultra-light even electric cars can tow it with ease.

This is a simplified version of its predecessor with just over half the weight at 301.19kg. This is by design because it's essentially for battery-powered vehicles. But its smaller and streamlined design means any car can tow it: SUV, truck, and even smaller EVs like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Tesla Model 3, both of which were used to test the Polydrops P19 [Shorty].

This is the company's tiniest model. It has a height of just 5.2 feet, a width of 6.3 feet, and a length of 11.7 feet. But it offers a comfortable sleeping solution via a 54″ x 80″ tri-fold mattress that's good for two adults. Inside are three cubbyholes for storage, a convertible table, four windows with bug screens, and a 110V outlet.

On the outside, it has two side doors with locks and marine-grade door hinges. The Polydrops P19 [Shorty] boasts a smoother shape and is more aerodynamic so it cuts air resistance by 70% compared to traditional trailers. Moreover, it can handle the elements with its all-season rigid insulation and rust-free custom aluminum tube chassis.

Other notable features include a clear anodized aluminum exterior, 2000 lbs Timbren Axle-less independent suspension, a 3500 lbs-rated safety cable, and 205/75/15 black-rimmed tires. The downside to keeping the Polydrops P19 [Shorty] lightweight is its lack of a power system so you’d have to plug it into an external power source.

Images courtesy of Polydrops