New Dynaplug Covert Repair Tool offers better bar plugs, now fits in drop bars or flat bars!
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New Dynaplug Covert Repair Tool offers better bar plugs, now fits in drop bars or flat bars!

Aug 20, 2023

In 2020, Dynaplug went Covert with a new tubeless repair kit meant to stash in your handlebars. Fast forward to the present, and that Covert system just got a big upgrade. The new Covert plug tool will work with flat or drop bars, and has a flat bar plug design which should make it better for close encounters with the ground or trees. The Covert MTB or Covert Drop will allow you to carry the tire repair tool on probably any bike in your stable.

No matter what bike you are on, the fact that the new Covert tool sits right at your grubby little fingertips means that you would probably have a quick turnaround time from a puncture to continuing your ride.

The Covert MTB offers mountain bikers a rugged way to keep their tire repair tool close at hand. The Covert MTB comes with an Armor Black Cerakote ceramic coating, over anodized aluminum, for this limited launch. This coating should provide some protection and resiliency to the constant abuse that can happen out on the trail.

Thanks to the TwinTube Technology, the Covert MTB comes pre-loaded with TwinTubes storing 3 standard soft tip plugs and 1 Megaplug.

Twin Tube Technology is a tech that allows you to store 2 plugs within one tool. In a nutshell, when installed as a pair, the Dynaplug Covert has 4 plugs available and waiting for those rough days where the punctures keep comin’!

What's cool, is that this technology is something that the customers of Dynaplug urged them to develop… it's always nice when companies listen to the needs of their customers.

The Dynaplug says that their Covert Drop and Covert MTB are "the one-and-only handlebar tools with set-and-forget installation." They state that this is the case because they use a "small aluminum housing that also protects a plug tip when not in use."

On to those that prefer to also ride road or gravel. The Covert Drop Tool uses a smaller diameter end cap (23.8mm) that will help blend with your bar tape. It is also black anodized aluminum and is engraved at Dynaplug with the same topographical design as the Covert MTB Tool. It also comes pre-loaded with TwinTubes and four standard soft tip plugs.

Dynaplug says that they have "established themselves as the best solution for rapid repairs in the field to plug pesky punctures that are too stubborn for the sealant to plug up."

Having these little tools at the ready on the end of your bars does seem more attractive than digging through the saddle bag for a solution. Just sayin’.

Retail: $124.95

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