Blackheart Bike Co's Slick New Titanium Road Rocket
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Blackheart Bike Co's Slick New Titanium Road Rocket

May 06, 2023

It was pretty cool accidentally running into Zach Lambert, the founder of Blackheart Bike Co. at the food court (if you can even call it that) at this year's Sea Otter Classic. I was walking by and complimented the Blackheart bike that he was holding (I’ve been following Blackheart's Instagram for a while) and he introduced himself to me and told me about his new modern titanium road model.

So, I met him back at his booth and took some photos.

Blackheart Bikes has made it its mission to "support individuals working to make cycling a more welcoming and inclusive sport". I can get 100% behind that.

Zach told me that this new model is all about standing on its own as a truly modern road bike. He didn't want to simply add to or make a slightly different iteration of an allroad bike that already exists.

He wanted to create a bike that didn't just recall a classic road bike design, instead, he wanted it to embrace the fully modern road bike in both look and feel.

The Ti frame is made of 3/2.5 titanium tubing with a double-butted seat tube. I have to say the bike looks fast just sitting there. It's got a subtle Kamm tail downtube and a one-piece carbon cockpit with not a cable in sight.

Zach says the ride is smooth and snappy. It has slippery lines and light understated branding, something that Zach says will be the new branding aesthetic going forward.

The frame will come in 9 sizes to fit you better, from 5’0″ to 7’0″.

Frame weight (size 54): 1653 grams

Fork weight: 480 grams

Frameset with carbon fork and seat post: $3000

Frameset with carbon fork and seat post and integrated handlebar: $3300

SRAM Force AXS build w/ Hunt 44 Aerodynamicist carbon wheelset: $7,100

You can check out more details and the other bikes Blackheart has to offer by hitting the link below.