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Best Duck Blinds of 2022

Dec 26, 2023

Whatever your hunting scenario, there is a unique and quality blind to fill your needs. (Photo By: Jim Thompson)

DON'T MISS Episode 41 - 2022 Giant Gear Issue Series - Blinds & Accessories with Rig'Em Right!

When the first duck and goose hunters hid behind anything they could find to fool birds, the blind idea was born. It didn't take long for that idea to germinate and grow into both portable and permanent structures. Everything from elaborate blinds featuring kitchens, heaters, and satellite TV to sticking some limbs in the mud have all been "blinds." Today, it's easier than ever to go where the birds want to be thanks to innovative minds driving the waterfowl hunting equipment industry. Need a blind to hide a bunch of folks on a fence line? No problem. Need low profile hides for the middle of a flat and featureless field? No problem. Need a comfortable and portable blind to conceal a few hunters anywhere at any time? No problem. Whatever the hunting scenario, somebody is making a quality and unique blind filling the need. Here are some of the best options around.

Building better pit blind covers is exactly what Gibson set out to do over 20 years ago. They are a California company, where rice field hunting in pit blinds is the rule, not the exception. Pits are unparalleled for getting hunters out of sight, but they don't solve the birds eye view problem from above. Add some Gibson flip-top frames and problem fixed! The frames are adaptable to other blind styles as well. Proudly made in the U.S.A., Gibson covers are built from powder-coated and welded steel made for decades of use. Buy them as 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’ or 6’ sections, frame only or fully covered in woven palm frond Gibby Grass. Got a dog? No problem, there is a dog blind available too.

$200-$460 per pair |

You put a lot of time and effort into that permanent blind and it worked opening day. Now the ducks are hitting fresh slash water on the other end of the field, you swear you can hear them laughing at your pleading calls. That's not the only swearing going on! Want to get even? Get in there with them in an Alps Alpha Waterfowl Blind. You and three buddies can set it up quickly, brush it in solid, and are ready to greet those ducks at dawn. It was easy to get there at only 39lbs but the 108" L x 46"H x 46"W dimensions of the assembled blind have you and your buds comfortable, concealed, and on the spot. Those ducks won't know what hit ‘em!

$600 |

There are panel blinds and then there is the Rig ‘em Right panel blind. What's the difference? A bunch of innovative features, that's what. It starts with a unique crossbar design providing blind stabilization and adjustable gun rests. Removable weighted bags help in high winds, a multitude of stubble straps make brushing easy, and there are plenty of storage pockets ideal for ammo and snacks. Additional stakes hold the blind down, and all steel construction means rough treatment during a long season won't slow this blind down. Folded dimensions are a compact 53" L x 36" W and set up size is 96" L x 42" W x 18" D to comfortably hide 4 hunters.

$360 |

These Dakota flocked head mallards are hot! Ultra-realistic with durability to match……..wait this is the blind section. That's right, the company built on quality decoys now has a quality field hunting blind. The 10’ X-Series blind is built for exactly that, allowing you, friends, and dog to hide comfortably on the X. Frame innovation is the difference between this blind and others, once assembled the frame becomes one-piece, easy to move if needed. Two canvas covers incorporate doors on either end, a viewing scree at eye level inside the blind, and a dog door opening. Two 3-foot camo tops are included, they Velcro in place as needed. Top it all off with a carry bag that holds the blind and frame for a complete blind package.

$800 |

Need a quick setup that's light and easy to pack? Look no further than Camo System's Shore Blind. It collapses to 36" in height and 6" diameter and weighs only 5lbs., perfect for a long hike back to where the birds want to be. Four fiberglass poles provide the frame, and the netting is UV treated and 100% waterproof. Fully assembled, the blind provides coverage that's 55" tall and 12’ long, plenty for three hunters and capable of hiding four if needed. The netting resembles 3-D leafy foliage in Woodland and Flyway camo options.

$100 |

Duck clubs are popular around the country, offering members quality private lands hunting. Many clubs offer well-built permanent blinds as part of the package, keeping members out of the weather and in the action. Since 2017, Blind Spot Outdoors has built high quality floating skids, perfect for clubs or other private land needs. Their top selling 12 x 6 ft blind is the go-to, hunting 5 people comfortably. These blinds are designed for towing through levees or pushing around the marsh, theses blinds are hunting style adaptable. Blind Spot floating skids can float in water depths ranging from 8" to 7’. Pull the blind out and use it in a dry field or on a levee. Full custom orders are available, price depends on options.

$3,400-$4,900 |

Ultralight, ultra-compact, easy to carry and quick to deploy, that's the Layout Bed. Weighing in around 5 lbs., this is the field blind you need when a long walk in is the only option that leads to a heavy strap. The blind folds and buckles into a compact package in seconds, built-in backpack straps make carrying a breeze. A lightweight aluminum frame under the headrest provides comfort. It's superlight at 7.4 lbs, and great for packing in a long way back to where the birds are. In-field dimensions are 29" W x 18" D x 6" H.

$120 |

The folks at Avery have always been keen on making good products helping hunters succeed. They started the company with the QuickSet boat blind, still one of the best products hiding hunters and boats today. Their Finisher Panel Blind carries on that tradition. Aluminum rust-proof frame construction folds out in seconds into 5 sections, set up dimensions are 8.5’ W x 4’ H. It's great for hiding on fence lines, ditch lines, wherever you can disappear against a background. Window ports at seated eye level keep faces hidden and birds in view. Built in stubble straps make adding synthetic grass or natural vegetation quick and easy. Available in Realtree Max-5 camo.

$320 |

The HUB. Helping U Blend is what it stands for and a neat compact portable blind is what it is. It is not a big blind so it's easy to hide, and great for two to three hunters max. It's also easy to move, the frame collapses and sets back up in literal seconds. Birds wanting the field's other side? Move quickly and efficiently with the HUB. Stubble straps provide effortless brushing points and grommeted anchor points with included stakes keep the blind on the ground in high winds while still weighing just 10lbs.

$180 |

When it's time to bring out the lumber and knock down some birds take out the 2 X 4. This blind has every feature needed to hide comfortably for hours on end, whatever it takes to succeed. The 10’ length provides four hunters room, and it can be cut down to 5’ to hide two hunters from wary eyes in a compact package. The frame is made from durable 7/8" square tubing for superior cover support. 900 denier PVC backed cover contains convenient storage pockets and every blind comes with 10’ and 5’ covers included. A set of flip tops can be added if desired and a carrying strap and 4 metal gun rests are standard equipment.

$600 |

Missouri's Rogers Sporting Goods is a waterfowl hunters’ superstore, everything you could need or want, they have it. They also have a nice selection of house branded items; one is the Goose Buster blind. Durable construction and light, it's a good choice for any goose or duck hunter who likes to stay mobile. Aircraft-grade aluminum tubing forms the larger diameter frame and it's tough as nails. Solid construction allows easy relocation, and a 600-denier cover takes a beating and keeps on trucking. That cover also does a solid job of wind blocking, a key element when wind chills drop below freezing. Three adjustable gun holders are standard equipment and it's available in camo or Rogers Brown. It's 100" L x 60" W x 50" H and comes in at a lightweight 32 lbs.

$220 |

California-based Tanglefree is no stranger to the panel blind market. They build some of the best around in multiple configurations and camo pattern options. Their latest effort is a cool adaptation of that idea. Enter the 360 Solo, a one-man blind that's ideal for single hunters and their dogs or photographers looking to close the distance for awesome pics of wild birds. Some initial frame assembly is required but after that the blind folds and buckles into a joy to carry package complete with shoulder strap. A teepee with the top cut off is a good description, the blind completely surrounds a hunter, and a built-in dog door gives old Buster a way to head out quickly to do his job.

$330 |

When Avian X brought out the A-frame blind several years ago, there were skeptics that the high profile above ground blind would not be as effective as low-profile layout blinds. After all, that's why layouts were invented. Fast forward to today and it worked in a big way. Avian's next evolution in the A-frame concept is their new G-blind. The basic concept is the same, a portable and quick to set up blind, but the G has a two-purpose serving top. Birds flying directly above can't see inside and inclement weather is kept at bay, making this version more versatile. The 90" L x 60" W x 53" H dimensions allow for up to 4 hunters. Other than the top, the blind uses the same anodized aluminum frame parts and 600-denier cover material as the A-frame.

$450 |

These blinds are built to last for decades of hard use with every bell and whistle imaginable available. Kohler open seat duck blind designs have built-in storage for bags, cases, ammo, cooking supplies, you name it. Front storage shelves hold everything needed for a long day in the blind with plenty of preparation space for breakfast or lunch. Gun hooks keep shotguns in reach while also safe and secure. Cold? Not in a Kohler. Three 15,000 BTU burners with accessories keep the interior toasty warm. Custom seat cushions, rubberized floor mats, and a fold-up step for easy access make this blind one of the hunter friendliest around. Weather-tight covers and step caps keep the blinds weather tight, preventing rust. Flip-top panels hide the entire blind and a separate dog blind is available. Choose from 12’, 16’, 20’ or 24’ lengths.

Starting $11,000 |

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pioneer as a person or group that originates or helps open a new line of thought or activity or a new method or technical development. In the early 90's, Final Approach brought out the first layout blind, the Eliminator, pioneering a new solution to an old problem, how to hide in open fields. Since then, FA has continued to evolve their original idea and one of the latest incarnations is the Knockout. FA innovated a new no-pin hinged frame that's fast to deploy and easy to take down. It's comfortable too with a 42" L x 24" W cockpit opening in a 40" W x 85" L x 18" H assembled blind weighing 20lbs. Available in Mossy Oak Shadowgrass Habitat camo to blend in a wide variety of field scenarios.

$250 |

It wasn't so long ago when the layout blind revolutionized field hunting. Low profile and highly portable, layouts are still effective today. The Alps Legend layout blind combines comfort and portability at a high level, making it a great choice when being on the X is the only successful option. A zero-gravity chair design coupled with a waterproof floor keeps you low to the ground but also high and dry. Blind dimensions are 33" wide by 90" long with maximum setup height of 17" for an ultra-low profile. Want to have ducks and geese landing at your feet? Go with a Legend!

$400 |

Tired of feeling exposed while lying in the decoy spread? Ready for a lower profile option to a layout blind? The Dive Bomb Stealth Sheet Ghillie Blanket is the perfect tool to take your hide to the next level and get amongst the birds. As you’ve seen multiple times, Dive Bomb uses ghillie material in hunting scenarios to improve good hides or even make hides where they were previously thought unimaginable, and now you can too. Adding to the Field Tan blend color this fall, look for a Plowed Field, Winter Wheat Blend, and Snow Blend.

$125 |

DON'T MISS $200-$460 per pair | $600 | $360 | $800 | $100 | $3,400-$4,900 | $120 | $320 | $180 | $600 | $220 | $330 | $450 | Starting $11,000 | $250 | $400 | $125 |