75 top building products for 2022, from the editors of Building Design and Construction
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75 top building products for 2022, from the editors of Building Design and Construction

Aug 16, 2023

Building Design+Construction readers and editors select their top building products from the past year in our annual 75 Top Products report.

Each year, the Building Design+Construction editorial team evaluates the vast universe of new and updated products, materials, and systems for the U.S. building design and construction market. The best-of-the-best products make up our annual 75 Top Products report.

Products are selected based on their level of innovation and overall usefulness to the industry. BD+C's editorial team sources products from our travels to trade shows and other industry events; press release submissions; and exhaustive online research of the AEC industry. The editors also track reader engagement with product news items and advertisements featured in the print issues of BD+C.

Below are the 75 Top Products for 2022. Also, check out the top products from 2021 and 2020.

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Powered by Owens Corning's ultra-high-performance FOAMGLAS Perinsul SIB Cellular Glass Structural Insulating Block, this thermal bridging solution is designed for use as a continuous thermal barrier at the base of masonry veneer exterior walls for net-zero and high-performance building applications. This thermal bridge near the foundation has historically been difficult to address due to the need for an insulating material that could meet both structural load and thermal performance requirements. The cellular glass insulation is lightweight, waterproof, durable, dimensionally stable, and features high compressive strength. It can support masonry veneer wall loads for low-rise buildings with zero deflection.Owens Corning

Banker Wire's newest woven wire mesh configurations, SJD-42 and SJD-43, combine a vertical mixture of straight and helical wires, creating a cascading effect that gives the patterns an organic feel. SJD-42 features an equal number of straight and helical wires, forming an overall balanced appearance. With SJD-43's higher concentration of nine helical wires to three straight wires, the pattern is visually denser. Suitable for railings, space dividers, and signage, among other interior or exterior applications.Banker Wire

The Omawall PL with EVO aluminum architectural plate cladding system is engineered for high-end applications, including commercial, educational, healthcare, multifamily, and mixed-use buildings. Made of fully of non-combustible materials, the panels install quickly in horizontal or vertical orientation, thanks to a patented panel extrusion attachment method and a dry joint design incorporating metal splines to create the reveal appearance. Available in more than 40 standard colors, including matte colors and custom hues.ATAS International

This building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system allows project teams to incorporate lightweight, large-format photovoltaic panels into a building's façade instead of on its roof. Solstex Solar Panels consist of thin-film crystalline silicone technology encapsulated between two sheets of heat-strengthened glass, adhered to the company's proprietary attachment technology. When installed, the façade functions as a pressure-equalized rear ventilated rainscreen system. Each PV panel generates up to 17.6 W/sf.Elemex

The new PAC-CLAD Modular AL panel system from Petersen brings added architectural design options for building exterior applications. Architects and designers can create virtually one-of-a-kind façade designs using cassette-style metal cladding of varying sizes, depths, and colors. Vertical or horizontal panels can be combined in the same layout. Panels can be finished in any combination of the 46 standard PAC-CLAD colors or custom colors. Panels can be perforated, including in specific patterns that spell words or form logos. Installation of Modular AL panels can be performed on a variety of substrates including, plywood, insulation, purlins, or any combination of these.Petersen

Alucobond has developed a new attachment method for its aluminum composite material (ACM) panels that combines ease of installation and architectural aesthetics. Alucobond EasyFix features two types of folds, which allows installers to quickly and accurately insert the ACM panels with short clips or with a continuous rail. The final product is an attractive, finished look similar to traditional ACM systems, according to the maker. The attachment system is designed for use with Alucobond Plus 4mm panels.3A Composites USA Inc.

This weather wrap for light commercial, multifamily, and single-family residential applications features 1.5-mm spacers bonded to the wrap to create a true drainage space between the sheathing and cladding material. TamlynWrap Drainable WRB 1.5 removes at least 100 times more bulk water from a wall versus standard weather wraps, according to the maker. The wrap's strong non-woven structure provides good resistance to UV (120 days), tears, and blow-off. Ideal for use behind stucco, stone, fiber cement, and other absorptive claddings.Tamlyn

The S1 System ventilated rainscreen assembly features large-format porcelain slabs up to 63x126 inches and concealed clips, creating a clean, monolithic exterior aesthetic for all types of commercial and institutional buildings. The porcelain tile is available in a variety of colors and designs, including marble, stone, concrete, metal, wood, monochrome, and terrazzo. The slabs are mechanically fixed to the substructure using an anchor inserted into slots on the back of the slab.Florim

Sto Corp. has partnered with 3D-printed fabrication firm Branch Technology to launch StoPanel 3DP, a fully engineered and tested prefabricated finished exterior megapanel system with three-dimensional design freedom for exterior walls. The system includes all the building envelope control layers integrated with a fully customizable 3D-printed composite exterior. The 3D component, called the Composite Core, is lightweight, structurally robust, and easy to install, according to the maker. Branch's Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab) 3D printing process enables StoPanel 3DP to create virtually any 3D shape or form at a large scale.STO Corp.

Kingspan's Accent Fin is a joint-integrated accessory that gives architects more creative freedom when designing insulated metal panel exteriors. It comes in six shapes—blade, mini-blade, triangle, a-frame, rectangle, and flat box—all with a maximum length of 12 feet and a protrusion depth of six inches (except for the mini-blade, which has a three-inch depth. The Accent Fin can be integrated into Kingspan's KS Series and Optimo IMPs and can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Design profiles include Azteco Embossed, Micro-Rib, Mini Micro-Rib, Mini-Wave, and Shadowline profiles, as well as trimless ends and pre-formed corners.Kingspan Insulated Panels North America

Sika Sarnafil has received Factory Mutual (FM) approval for its Sika SolaRoof System. According to the company, it is the first and only commercial solar roof system to pass the stringent testing requirements of FM standard 4478. The integrated solar system incorporates Sarnafil's PVC roof assemblies with a non-penetrating, lightweight racking solution for long-term securement of rooftop PVs. FM testing confirmed that the PV racking system installation does not negatively impact the performance of the underlying Sarnafil roof system. The Sika SolaRoof is covered by a single-source warranty for up to 20 years.Sika Sarnafil

Designed for a range of commercial construction applications, including roof trusses, plywood roof sheathing, floor and roof joists, mezzanines, studs, and non-load-bearing interior partitions, ProWood FR pressure-treated wood features a fire-retardant chemical infused deep into the wood cells. When heated, the dimensional lumber gives off water and carbon dioxide, which help to stop the spread of flames and fire growth. ProWood FR can be used to create 2-hour-rated wall assemblies.ProWood

Engineered for roof applications in very severe hail zones or hurricane zones, DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board can help withstand impacts and punctures caused by very severe hail conditions. The product is classified for use in approved assemblies meeting FM Global's Very Severe Hail Standard. The panel is comprised of a high-density, fire-resistant, non-combustable gypsum core sandwiched between wind-, hail-, and puncture-resistant fiberglass mat material. DensDeck StormX is ideal for roof applications within the Very Severe Hail zone, located across Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska. New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming.Georgia-Pacific

Ruskin's new BLD723 architectural louver is designed to protect against wind-driven rain, thanks to a 7-inch wind-driven rain accent blade and a 5-inch-deep wind driven rain resistant blade. BLD723 is AMCA-certified for air, water, and wind-driven rain performance. Sizes range from 8x8 to 120x90 inches. The louver can be produced with visible or hidden mullions.Ruskin

Steni Vision panels are available in 64 new finishes, including designs that evoke the aesthetic of metal, wood, and stone. Pattern options include Curled Light, Layers Green, Sparkle Grey, and Zerrano Natural. All patterns are available in four color variations. Steni Vision panels are made of stone composite and can be used for both exterior and interior walls in commercial, institutional and industrial building projects. The design options are almost unlimited.Omnis

LP's new NovaCore Thermal Insulated Sheathing combines OSB sheathing with continuous insulation for simpler installation and protection against both cold and heat. It features one-inch-thick XPS foam bonded to nominal 7/16-inch OSB, in lengths of eight, nine, and 10 feet. It provides continuous insulation without the long-term R-value deterioration associated with some other foam insulation products, says the maker.LP Building Solutions

S-5! has added PVKONCEAL to its PVKIT line of solar panel solutions for metal roofs. The PVKONCEAL module conceals the front face of the solar PV array, protecting all mechanical and electrical components underneath. It creates an attractive, clean finished look and helps to minimize the intrusion of small animals, debris, and unwanted objects under the solar array. The skirt is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum with a prefinished black PVDF made to last the life of the solar array and metal roof system.S-5!

Firestone Building Products’ new UltraPly TPO Flex SA roof membrane offers the proven performance of the company's UltraPly TPO SA and UltraPly TPO Flex Adhered products, but with installation benefits. The self-adhered installation method with Firestone's Secure Bond technology allows for faster laydown and reduces manhours by up to 77 percent per square on membrane installation than traditionally adhered membrane, according to the maker. The membrane is odorless and non-VOC, so businesses can stay operational during installation.Firestone Building Products (now Holcim Elevate)

This composite material rated for exterior cladding applications is made of 60% bamboo fibers and 40% recycled plastics, for a warm, durable, long-lasting, sustainable exterior material option. Product options include co-extruded bamboo-plastic composite (CBPC) Infinity cladding boards and capped bamboo-plastic PVC (CBPVC) Apex cladding. Both offer non-repeating grain patterns, enhanced wood grain textures, and rich, earth-tone color palettes, says the maker. Fortress Cladding is UV-, fade- and moisture-resistant and does not require staining or resealing to preserve its vibrant aesthetic.Fortress Building Products

The Fluropon Metal Trends Color Collection features eight color families that mimic the classic aesthetic of natural and anodized metals: gold and brass, bronze, silver and nickel, blackened steel, copper, steel, zinc, and anodized. The collection includes coatings with a pre-weathered, pre-patina appearance (Antique Copper Print, Weathered Steel Print, Weathered Zinc Print) and offers an economical option to real copper, gold, and brass. Fluropon not only matches the look of these metals, it also conceals the defects and blemishes in recycled metal used to support sustainable design goals. Fluropon's 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin-based architectural coatings meet or exceed the industry's most rigorous testing standards, including AAMA 2605 requirements.Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings

This compact, ceiling-mount air purifier is maintenance-free and easy to install with no ductwork required and no filters to change. WhisperAir Repair utilizes Panasonic's patented nanoeX technology, which uses reactive molecules to purify contaminated air by neutralizing bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen and other substances. It also helps to maintain skin moisture and deodorizes contaminated air, according to the maker. Ideal for commercial applications such as in hotels, educational facilities, elevators, subways, restaurants, and other public spaces, as well as residential applications such as bedrooms, walk in closets, powder rooms, mud rooms and pet areas.Panasonic

The newly redesigned Architectural Elite air curtain from Berner Intl. offers a modern, sleek cabinet design to accent any building entrance decor. The air curtain's clear satin, anodized aluminum bottom panel angles upward out of visitors’ peripheral vision when passing through a doorway. Once inside, the only visible parts are the smooth, upward-pointed bottom panel and triangular-shaped sides.Berner International

Legrand's radiant Wave Switch allows building occupants to turn on/off lights, fans, and other systems with a wave of the hand. The system features an internal sensor that can be adjusted to detect the wave motion anywhere from one to six inches from the device. Includes a rating of up to 3/4 HP for adding touchless control to small motors. Installs in 15 minutes or less.Legrand

This lineup of commercial air purifiers uses micro-electrostatic precipitation (MESP) technology to remove airborne particles like PM2.5, fungus, dust, pollen, soot, and smoke, and powerfully deactivates viruses and bacteria with permanent washable filter. Airborne particles in propelled air flow are electrically charged before passing into honeycomb shaped filter. The filter is formed by layers or rows of tubes with thin electrode sheets and an insulation coating that generate intense electrical fields within the tubes. Charged particles are pulled to the walls of the tubes and firmly stick. The filter is washable and has a lifespan exceeding 10 years.AirQuality Technology (AQT)

This UV-free antimicrobial lighting system delivers the germ-neutralizing power of a commercial-grade disinfection solution with crisp, white, comfortable LED illumination that is often hard to achieve in these types of fixtures. Unlike UV light, the wavelength of visible light produced by ActiveClean meets domestic and international standards for continual and unlimited use around people. The system is tested to kill viruses, bacteria, and other microbes on surfaces. Ideal for high-traffic public areas where people congregate, such as bathrooms, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, kitchenettes, classrooms, and doctor's exam rooms.Amerlux

Tested to kill 99% of SARS-COV-2 on a surface with an exposure time of six seconds, Signify's UV-C lighting technology is now available in a selection of wall- and ceiling-mounted UV-C luminaires designed to continuously disinfect the air. Systems include the Alkco Germicidal UV 2x2 Grid Ceiling Mount, Germicidal UV Indirect Industrial, Germicidal UV Indirect Wall, and Germicidal UV Louvered Wall Mount. All are designed for use in high-contact areas and where people congregate. To protect occupants from the UV light, the light source is angled upward from the fixtures and installed at a high height. The luminaires can be controlled automatically to disinfect areas outside of businesses’ operating hours and when people and animals are not present.Signify

Exterior ductwork can be stylish too, according to the makers of Thermaround. This pre-insulated, lightweight duct system is offered in a variety of colors and finishes, including a Kynar-finish metal exterior for architectural applications. Its UV-stable vinyl cladding is factory applied to the duct's closed cell insulation, forming a permanent bond and creating a strong barrier that keeps outdoor elements out and conditioned air in. Provides an R-12 insulated value and low air leakage.Thermaduct

The industry's first commercial heat pump water heating system powered by CO2 refrigerant, Heat2O features a proprietary design that maximizes heat transfer: Three connected refrigerant pipes are wound around a twisted water pipe. The continuous spiral grooves in the twisted pipe accelerate the turbulence effect of water and helps to reduce pressure loss within the heat exchanger, according to the maker. The result is a system with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.11, which means it produces 4.11 units of heat energy for every one unit of electricity it consumes. It utilizes variable speed compressors and is equipped with built-in controls, making it capable of demand-response operation to help reduce stress on electrical grids during peak hours.Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US

Fresh-Aire UV now offers APCO-X MAG, a biological disinfection system designed for tight HVAC system spaces. It combines ultraviolet (UV) technology and activated EverCarbon media catalyst air treatment for HVAC systems. It features a magnetic mounting bracket with a compact footprint for installation flexibility near the evaporator coil, plenum, or duct. The unit's magnet mount attaches to metal cabinets, and its anti-vibration coating prevents wandering out of position.Fresh-Aire UV

The SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor is a six-in-one ceiling mounted room/zone sensor. The device captures data based on people-counting, occupancy, light, sound, temperature, and humidity sensing. The sensor uses people-counting technology (versus schedules or CO2 levels) to respond to precise changes in room occupancy in real-time for optimal fresh air supply, says the maker.Schneider Electric

Designed for building applications where discreet and secure observation is desired, VISTA-Vision triple-glazed privacy glass consists of three sheets of glass with evenly spaced, alternating vertical lines, which are operated using an innovative sliding magnet mechanism. When the magnet is slid, the inner sheet of glass moves side to side to enable observation and, by sliding the magnet back, vision is obscured. In the closed position, the panel presents itself with a completely obscured viewing aspect, while in the open position the lines move across the screen, presenting viewing of approximately 1/2-inch between each one. The panel can fit openings up to 70x55 inches.Privacy Glass Solutions

Guardian Industries has launched two silver-coated glass offerings that are engineered to meet stringent performance requirements while providing a neutral appearance. SunGuard SNR 50 offers a balance of medium reflectivity and neutral aesthetic with a 48% visible light transmission and 0.25 solar heat gain coefficient. SunGuard SNR 35 delivers a crisp, reflective look and has a lower solar heat gain coefficient of 0.17 for even better energy saving performance, says the maker. The glass products can be paired with a variety of substrates at the following thicknesses: 5mm to 12mm for Clear and UltraClear Low-Iron glass, and 6mm to 10mm for Green, CrystalGray, and CrystalBlue glass.Guardian Industries

VacuMax vacuum insulating glass (VIG) from Vitro Architectural Glass offers R-values close to those of a traditional wall (R14+), but in a thermal glazing application. Tempered VacuMax units have a total thickness of just 8.3mm, only slightly thicker than a standard 6mm glass lite, and can be used to replace monolithic (single-pane) glass without needing to replace the framing system. The unit consists of two lites of 4mm glass separated by a non-leaded proprietary metal seal and a vacuum space. The unit's slim construction and light weight allows it to be incorporated into virtually any traditional glazing system, window frame, or curtain wall application.Vitro Architectural Glass

YKK AP America's YWW 60 XT Window Wall is designed to meet the most stringent thermal performance requirements for mid-to-high-rise building applications, particularly in cold weather climates. It has a U-factor of 0.36 BTU/HR/SF with a COG of 0.29 with standard one-inch glass. It can accommodate high structural loads and up to 12-foot mullion spans. A large glazing pocket accommodates one-inch insulating glass or 15/16-inch insulating laminated glass, for projects with stringent acoustical performance. Its minimally offset slab edge cover closely mimics the look of traditional curtain wall, with room to insulate the area behind the slab edge cover to improve thermal performance.YKK AP

Based on feedback from architects and building owners looking for more-neutral low-e glass coating options, Viracon developed Viracon Neutral Gray (VNG-4022). The coating delivers a balance of great solar performance, mid-range exterior reflectance, and a pleasant neutral gray aesthetic. With a visible light transmission (VLT) of 40% and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.22, VNG-4022 is among the higher performing low-e coatings on the market, says the maker.Viracon

This versatile modular ceiling baffle delivers the aesthetic of closely gridded coffered ceilings or timber trellises to spaces, in a lightweight, acoustically engineered system. Its open-grid design makes integrating systems (lighting, HVAC, rig points, plumbing, life safety systems, etc.) above or below the modules simple. Optional Soft Sound coffer panels create an enclosed look and further enhance acoustics. Modules are available in a variety of colors and wood finishes. Arktura

The StrataClean IQ Air Filtration System from Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions is an in-ceiling system that captures and eliminates airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, and other particulates using proven MERV 13 filtration. The system uses an internal fan to draw air through one side of the grille. The air then moves through a two-inch MERV 13 filter and discharges back into the space through the opposite side of the grille. With the fan continually running, the air in the occupied space is constantly filtered to provide clean, purified air. The system has proven efficient at removing 90% of airborne viruses, bacteria, VOCs, odor, and other particles down to 0.3 microns. One unit can filter the air in a 1,000 sf space every hour.Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems

These stair trends incorporate DuPont Kevlar fibers to deliver long-lasting performance with a 25-year warranty. The product addresses the common problem of shedding--the peeling of the stair tread's nose that can create aesthetic and safety concerns, and require costly stair tread repair or replacement. Available in eight profiles and 134 color options, Roppe Rubber Stair Treads with Kevlar are 100% recyclable and have been tested over thousands of hours in the lab and field to ensure its performance and durability.Roppe Corporation

Ecore launched its Woven Vinyl Collection with two flooring products, Ebb and Flow, which combine the benefits of Ecore's traditional gym flooring with a visually pleasing surface layer. They feature two intricate 1-mm woven vinyl wear layers fusion-bonded to a 5-mm vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) base layer. Ecore's manufacturing process that starts with rubber that is diverted from landfills and incineration and upcycled into VCR using a pressurized process that fusion bonds the VCR to virtually any flooring surface. The flooring can absorb force while returning usable energy back to the people using the surface. Each product line is available in 12 colors.Ecore

Rockfon has introduced a new color collection of stone wool ceiling panels and matching grid systems, called The Colors of Wellbeing. The palette includes 34 carefully curated, nature-themed colors designed to add dimension to commercial and medical offices, reception areas, classrooms, auditoriums, restaurants, retail stores, and other interior spaces. Sizes are available in 2x2- and 2x4-foot modular formats with square lay-in, tegular square, narrow, and fully concealed edge designs.Rockfon

This poured-in-place flooring is designed for building applications that require infection control, slip resistance, and sound dampening, including healthcare, government, education, retail, and assisted living projects. According to the maker, the flooring can outperform traditional linoleum products, thanks to its seamless installation and Quantum Guard Elite technology, which combines a hard wear layer and a flexible wear layer for added durability. Applied over moisture treated subfloor with minimal prep work and no adhesives. Available in 54 colors.Mannington Commercial

Sherwin-Williams's Living Well paint collection features two interior products--SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology and SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology--designed to meet growing demand for health and wellness in light commercial and residential buildings. SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology keeps walls sanitized by delivering ongoing antibacterial action that kills 99.9% of certain bacteria on painted surfaces and remains effective for up to four years. SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology contributes to cleaner indoor air quality by helping to break down unwanted odors and reduce VOCs from potential sources like carpet, cabinets, and fabrics. Available in 11 curated palettes.Sherwin-Williams

Copper Armor paint from PPG is an EPA-registered anti-viral and anti-bacterial paint containing Corning Guardiant technology that is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, on the painted surface in two hours. The product's efficacy was measured using tests that simulate real-world contamination as mandated by the EPA for products making claims against harmful pathogens, according to the maker. The paint and primer offers the application properties of a premium paint, including good durability and hiding performance.PPG Industries

Spruce up clinical settings such as critical care departments, isolation areas, and emergency areas with CSelect cubicle curtain fabric from Construction Specialties. The curtains are available in four pattern options and six colorways for a total of 24 combinations, all designed to help create calm, healing environments. Optional track systems minimize noise and ease curtain maintenance and replacement. Disposable curtains are also available in the same design style.Construction Specialties

The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a spotlight on the importance of hand sanitization as a vital infection control measure in commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. Vaask took a more stylish approach when designing its touchless hand sanitizing fixture. Designs can be customized for nearly any space. The fixture features a high-end stepper motor and peristaltic pump to ensure consistent, precise dispensing, and its PalmPilot sensor accurately detects hands, eliminating mess. It tracks usage and alerts facilities staff when refills are required. Backed by a 5-year warranty. Recessed, wall-mounted, and freestanding models available.Vaask

Create a bold, modern aesthetic for your next commercial restroom project with ASI's Matte Black Collection. Powder-coated for added durability, this line includes a complete collection of washroom accessories, including hand dryers, faucets, grab bars, soap dispensers, in-wall waste receptacles, toilet seat cover dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, towel bars, baby changing stations, and mirrors. Constructed with 18 gauge stainless steel doors and 20 gauge cabinets.ASI Group

To help reduce water abuse in institutional restrooms, Sloan has developed its Programmed Water Technologies (PWT) monitor and control system. PWT is designed to minimize water abuse by controlling the length of showers and the number of flushes in a given time period. Through highly configurable components, such as flushometers, controllers, manifolds, buttons, showerheads, and a PC-based software management program, facility managers can easily track and adjust water usage settings for institutional restrooms. Applications include correctional facilities, hospitals, sports facilities, and behavioral health facilities. Buildings outfitted with PWT report a 35% annual reduction in water usage, according to the maker.Sloan

Dutch firm One Hundred Restrooms has partnered with Spanish tech start-up Kamleon to launch a smart urinal that provides real-time feedback on users’ hydration levels. Results can be viewed in seconds via a video screen installed above the urinal. The system has been successfully pilot tested at the Geriatric Day Hospital of the Hospital de Mar in Barcelona, and the French Olympic Training Center in Font Romeu, France.One Hundred Restrooms

This one-piece toilet leverages water line pressure and an innovative flush to deliver a completely tankless design. Its patented Quad-Jet Flush engine combines with rim jet swirl flush for a powerful flush that maximizes bowl cleanliness, using just 1.28 gpf with a single-button flush. Installation does not require drilling into the floor for a standard 12-inch rough-in. The skirted trapway adds to Avoir's clean, minimalist design.Kohler

This in-wall, hands-free commercial filtered water dispenser features a glass-front and brushed stainless steel design for added style for commercial and hospitality environments such as lobbies and conference rooms. Filters for lead, particulate, chlorine, taste, and odor reduction (filter capacity: 11,356 liters). Laminar flow provides clean fill with minimal splash. An interactive light brightens when dispensing water, and a ticker informs the user of the number of 600ml plastic water bottles saved from waste. Elkay

Bradley's latest touchless towel dispenser features patented LiDAR sensors, which use a combination of light and radar to eliminate false activations and starts and stops and optimize battery life. The dispenser provides jam-free operation and has adjustable settings for sheet length, time delay, sensor range, and dispensing mode to help control paper usage and costs, according to the maker. A built-in stub roll uses 100% of the paper for zero waste. Ideal for medium- to high-traffic areas. Compatible with a variety of paper types; no paper contract required.Bradley

The D|13 Sink System featuring the XLERATORsync Hand Dryer is designed to be a true zero-touch, high-efficiency, all-in-one sink deck that allows users to wash, rinse, and dry their hands. The sink basin and hand dryer work to create a good user experience and keep the air and water in the sink. The dryer reverses and fans out the high-speed airflow to blow away from the user and toward the bottom of the sink basin. The sink basin is designed with the appropriate depth and angles to keep the air and water in the sink.Excel Dryer

To help keep high-traffic commercial restrooms clean and sanitary, Bobrick Washroom Equipment launched its Pure Hygiene Solutions collection—PureDri Sanitizing Hand Dryer (pictured) and PureSphere Air Sanitizer—both of which are proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi in less than 10 minutes, says the maker. The systems work by destroying existing microorganisms in the air and on surfaces through continuous sanitization using a three-step process: first, eliminate viruses and bacteria via a germicidal UV lamp that inactivates all microorganisms; then neutralize viral particles through strong oxidizing agents as air passes through the chamber; and finally employ superoxide ions to neutralize airborne particles, causing them to drop to surfaces below. The systems offer 100% air disinfection and elimination of E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, and aspergillus fumigatus after one hour.Bobrick Washroom Equipment

Achieve the look of timber ceilings with the benefits of steel with Impressions structural steel roof and floor deck with digitally printed wood-grain finishes. Available in two profiles, the steel deck provides a strength-to-span ratio to accommodate any roofing assembly, from flat single-ply membranes to pitched standing seam systems. Available in six finishes: cherry oak, light oak, medium oak, walnut oak, gray rough sawn cedar, natural rough sawn cedar.New Millennium Building Systems

The new Ocula glass windscreen system from Trex Commercial features a post-free, clamp-supported design that offers unobstructed views and sleek, modern styling. Ideal for pool surroundings, balcony dividers, and elevated overlooks, the windscreen is designed to divert wind while elevating architectural aesthetics. At guardrail height (43 inches), the system can withstand wind loads up to 86 psf, eight times the amount of a standard windscreen. As height is increased, it can withstand wind loads up to 54 psf, still far exceeding industry standards, according to the maker.Trex Commercial

This four-in-one spray foam insulation system for building exterior applications provides the insulation, air barrier, vapor retarder, and water-resistive barrier. It greatly reduces thermal bridging, speeds installation, and is compatible with most common building materials and air barrier auxiliary products. The spray foam uses a blowing agent with an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) rating of 1, which is 99.9% lower than conventional HFC blowing agents commonly used within many closed-cell spray foam insulation products, says the maker.Huntsman Building Solutions

This premium subflooring product features a built-in, water-shedding, fade-resistant top layer for improved moisture resistance and increased durability on the jobsite. The panel is designed to resist discoloration, flaking, and delamination, and to maintain a smooth, even surface. The 4x8-foot sheets can be nailed or screwed to floor framing members. The long edges have precision tongue-and-groove joints for a secure connection. AdvanTech X-Factor outperforms plywood and commodity OSB sheathing to minimize floor bounce and squeaks, says the maker.Huber Engineered Woods

This structural connection is designed as a solution to the ongoing shortage of skilled welders. Edge-Tie replaces field-welded bent plate pour stops with a high-strength, straight-edge, channeled steel beam that accepts bolted connections to facilitate easy cladding installations without the need for welding. It features a continuous slot to take the guesswork out of anchor attachments, it allows for easy cladding adjustment and replacement after damage in wind or seismic events, or to accommodate adaptive building design.Simpson Strong-Tie

Laticrete's new NXT Level SP is a polishable, cementitious self-leveling concrete overlay that offers a salt-and-pepper appearance for interior concrete slabs. Its vibrant-white aggregate overlay gives slabs a bright and clean appearance while supporting a smooth installation process. Applied over concrete and other sound substrates, NXT Level SP can level uneven floor surfaces, even in the most challenging situations, says the maker.Laticrete

This novel hardware innovation replaces field welds with field bolts for hollow structural section (HSS) steel construction applications, saving time and costs, says the maker. Shuriken allows field-bolted HSS splices and other one-sided connections using standard A325 and A490 bolts. It features a built-in wrench that simplifies and speeds the bolting process in the field. Other applications: SpeedCore construction, for connecting the steel plates; retrofit projects, which often require thorny one-sided connections; and any HSS connections in tight spaces.Atlas Tube

Ardex Americas has launched its Exterior Tile and Stone Systems line, which features four time-tested passive capillary drainage solutions for tile and stone installations in outdoor spaces. The drainage systems help protect outdoor tile and stone installations by allowing water to move freely through the system and then move the water away from the area. The product line includes solutions for raised flooring, pedestal systems, and low and high construction heights.Ardex Americas

This line of stylish glass bricks can accent any space as a wall, floor, or ceiling. The bricks feature a compressive strength of greater than 5,000 psi and can be used for interior and exterior applications. Available in four styles (frosted, natural, polished, and satin), five colors (aqua, arctic, blue, amber, and quartz), and two sizes (3-5/8x2-1/4x7-5/8 inches and 3-5/8x2-1/4x3-5/8 inches). Ideal applications are walls that are free-standing, non-load bearing, and are not tied to a structural frame.Glen-Gery

This surface-mounted barn door system is designed for healthcare environments such as clinics, patient rooms, medical office buildings, free standing emergency rooms, and patient restrooms. When compared to a traditional swing door, ExamSlide saves up to 30 sf of space, and it provides quiet, smooth operation thanks to its soft-close dampening system and top-hung roller system. Options include an automatic operator for touchless operation and UL 1784 smoke-rated options for pressurized environments and clean rooms.AD Systems

Kolbe's VistaLuxe AL LINE lift & slide doors are available in panel widths up to 7 feet 6 inches, heights up to 10 feet, with a maximum of 6 panels in various configurations, including 90° corner units. Earlier this year the VistaLuxe AL LINE enhanced its lift & slide door offering with impact performance capabilities. These stacking or pocketing doors meet IPD4 as well as High Velocity Hurricane Zone Large Missile Impact (HVHZ LMI) certification.Kolbe Windows & Doors

Designed for terrace door applications, the Terra Swing Access Door offers industry-leading operating force (≤ 5 lbf), thermal and water performance (as low as 0.39 U-factor), and low threshold (1/2-inch sill), according to the maker. The door's 1/2-inch threshold sits directly on the floor, eliminating the need to recess the concrete during installation to accommodate the threshold. Three hardware color options: black, white, finished neutral.Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

This WiFi/PoE-enabled stand-alone access-control device provides secure access control via keypad PIN codes or RFID transponder to garages, side entrances, and service rooms. It is particularly applicable in spaces where no video intercom system is desired. Easily integrates with existing access control infrastructures and alarm systems. Equipped with two relays, allowing trigger actions at two doors or gates. The A1121 can also be paired with DoorBird's A1081 I/O Door Controller, which provides three additional relays per device.DoorBird

The industry's first magnetic latch for interior doors, the TL7 Magnetic Tubular Latch uses magnetism to withdraw the latch into a magnet-embedded strike box rather than using a traditional full-lip striking plate. The result is a quieter mechanical movement and a trim-free minimalistic interior with clean lines and streamlined architectural finishing. Eliminate unsightly or scratched, marred lip strikes, says the maker.INOX

This thermally broken pivot door system offers an alternative to traditionally hinged swing or french doors for commercial and residential applications. Because the door panel rotates around a pivot at the top and bottom of the door frame rather than being hinged to the jamb, the Series 7200 accommodates taller and wider door openings, offers uninterrupted views with a single panel of glass, and provides increased daylighting, says the maker. It features narrow stile and rail profile options for a contemporary aesthetic, and 2-15/16-inch-thick panels for structural integrity for taller, wider, heavier doors.All Weather Architectural Aluminum

Slim profiles, minimal exposed hardware, more folding options, smooth operation, weather and impact resistance, durability, multiple frame options. These are just a few of the features of NanaWall Systems’ Generation 4 series folding glass walls. The systems come in four- and six-fold panel sets that move and stack to an opening's left, right, or center, providing more options for building owners and enabling larger openings. Its Gothic Arch Roller System enables smooth opening and closing, and flush and low-profile sills create ADA-compliant openings while maintaining weather resistance. NanaWall

This glass wall system provides acoustical control up to 37 STC on single panel configurations. PureView offers multiple layout options, clear, uninterrupted sightlines, and security through foot-operated interconnecting floor bolts. A convertible panel pass door provides egress in various layout combinations. Available in a variety of configurations, including single panel, paired panel, and continuously hinged panel.Modernfold

Barn doors are all the rage these days. ASSA ABLOY's latest offering, RITE Slide, features a contemporary barn door aesthetic with enhanced acoustic and operation features for commercial and institutional environments. Third-party tested and lab certified to meet an acoustic performance of STC34, the door incorporates a soft open and close mechanism for quiet, controlled operation. Its aluminum frames, track, and fascia provide a sleek, modern style. More than 100 door color options across eight wood species.ASSA ABLOY

Designed as riot protection for retail stores and other storefront applications, the StoreDefender Door features heavy-duty 18-gauge slats that can withstand attacks from common tools and body force. To prevent lifting attempts, the slats lock into the barrel, and robust slide locks secure the rigid six-inch bottom bar in place. Tamper-resistant fasteners and continuous wind locks keep the curtain in place during crowd pressure. Available as a standard service door or an insulated door, and in more than 180 powder coat colors.CornellCookson

C.R. Laurence (CRL) has introduced the Palisades S90 bi-folding glass door and wall system with a slimline profile, concealed hinges, and 12-foot maximum frame height. Designed for residential and commercial applications, the system features slim 4¾-inch panel posts and low-profile rails to maximize daylight and views. Concealed hinges create a sleek, monolithic aesthetic. The Palisades S90 is a thermally broken structure with one-inch insulating glass. According to the maker, it is the only system in the industry that has a CW40 Performance Grade rating, for superior thermal and structural performance, making it ideal for exterior applications in demanding environments.C.R. Laurence

Designed to reduce the risk of infections in sensitive healthcare environments such as intensive care units, the Profiler ICU Isolation Door System (IDS) from Horton features a self-closing, telescoping, trackless design that provides strong hygiene and a smooth transition between hallway and patient room. The manually operated, energy-efficient design requires no electric power to operate. Full-breakout capability enhances accessibility in the event of an emergency or large equipment transfer. Ideal for negative, positive, or a combination of both pressure rooms, the smoke-rated IDS system operates like a standard ICU door with the added benefit of self-closing functionality. The fully-concealed self-closing device prevents panels from slamming shut for quieter operation and patient comfort. An optional electromagnetic Hold-Open device ties into the building's management system and closes the door in the event of an alarm signal.Horton

Simplify window replacement projects with this lightweight, high-performance, inside-mount window insert system. WinSert is billed as a nonintrusive, cost-effective alternative to replacing windows, according to the manufacturer. The window inserts are installed using galvanized steel clips that are attached to the frame of the existing window. The clips accept neodymium magnets attached to the insert, which secure the insert into place. Its insulated fiberglass frame and warm edge spacers provide consistent edge-to-edge thermal performance. It can be installed on top of or to the inside of a primary frame.Alpen High Performance Products

InPro's BioPrism solid surface material and INOX's MicroArmor are among the 10 new interior products to make Building Design + Construction's 2020 75 Top Products report.

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InPro's BioPrism solid surface material and INOX's MicroArmor are among the 10 new interior products to make Building Design + Construction's 2020 75 Top Products report.

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