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Jun 26, 2023

Goring Kerr PROx X-Ray Inspection SystemThe PROx is the next generation in a long line of powerful and flexible x-ray food protection systems from Thermo Scientific. Due to its unique design, it provides industry-leading detection of product defects including a wide range of contaminants and product assembly errors.

Bulk Tablet Handling EquipmentThe Tablet IBC is part of the unique Matcontainer range of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and has been specifically designed to provide efficient bulk handling of tablets and capsules without damage.

Blister Package Leak Detection And Seal Integrity TestingThe VeriPac 225/BLV is a non-destructive inspection system for leak detection of all types of multi-cavity blister packaging. All materials, paper, foil, plastic, laminates and all surfaces whether flat, glossy, printed or non-printed can be inspected non-destructively with this technology.

PAC GUARD Model 500 Non-Destructive Leak Detection TesterPAC GUARD 500 is a non-destructive leak detection system designed for production line quality control and package development applications. Emphasizing ease of operation, the PAC GUARD can detect weak heat seals, gross leaks, or small pin holes in finished products within seconds.

Conventional Coating Pans And SystemsTraditional pan coating process times are improved by adding simplistic design characteristics. Hinged inlet and exhaust air ducts are used to direct conditioned air into the conventional pan reducing batch times.

TOTE® Bin LiftsThe TOTE® Lift is an integral component in a TOTE® material handling system for lifting, placement, and manipulation of TOTE® containers, drums, and other equipment. TOTE® Lifts eliminate the need for mezzanines and offer a wide variety of solutions to container transfer and transportation problems.

Stainless Steel Tubing And HangersTop Line maintains a large inventory of welded stainless steel tubing to meet your immediate needs. Our warehouse is able to quickly ship tubing in lengths up to 20 feet. Each tubing order is processed promptly and packaged in tri-wall corrugated cartons equipped with wooded ends to protect each piece from damage.

Stock Small Diameter Stainless Steel Tubing From MicroGroupMicroGroup stocks more than 7,000,000 feet of small diameter tubing, which means they can fulfill your orders with unrivaled speed. Competitively priced, MicroGroup's stock tubing is ready for immediate delivery — often in just a few days.

Dust Collectors For Tablet CoatingThe Gold Series (GS) dust collector can be used in a variety of pharmaceutical dust collection applications such as pill presses, tablet coating, fluid bed dryers, spray dryers, and general room ventilation. The GS is perfect for high efficiency filtration in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Clean In Place System (CIP)IPEC's custom designed CIP systems can be provided with DCS or PLC based control systems or provided with termination panels to interface to a customer's specific control platform. A separate motor control panel can be provided with the system to include variable frequency drives (VFDs) and motor protection equipment.

Complete On-Site Refurbishment ServicesAllegheny Surface Technology offers extensive on-site services designed to address your refurbishment needs. They bring their equipment and expert service technicians right to your location, perform the necessary work, and provide complete documentation and certification of all repairs and modifications.

Regulatory Consulting And ReviewCamargo's expertise in regulatory affairs and submissions runs the drug development gamut: pre-IND and IND preparation and submissions; pre- and post-IND and NDA meetings with the FDA; and the preparation and submission of NDAs, ANDAs, and 505(b)(2) NDAs.