4 ways to use the weathering steel look in aluminium
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4 ways to use the weathering steel look in aluminium

Nov 03, 2023

DECO Australia

Corten or weathering steel is a preferred choice of material for designers and architects, thanks to the visual appeal of its unique aesthetic. First developed to eliminate the hassle of maintaining or coating steel, Corten is typically used for landscaping and outdoor applications due to the patina developed by the steel, which pairs well with exterior elements such as plants, wood and stone.

While Corten is known for being sturdy in performance and versatile in application, there are other alternatives such as aluminium that will help you achieve the same effect. Rust-look powdercoated aluminium provides a lighter option for faster installation and gives you the instant rust look with no runoff staining problems.

Below are 4 top ‘weathered steel’ applications in aluminium from DECO Australia.

Privacy Screening

Perforated screens deliver privacy as well as breeze and natural light into your personal space. If you are looking for an effective yet visually appealing way to create privacy and style in your backyard, you can't go wrong with a rust-look screen.

DECO's perforated aluminium screens are available in a range of sizes with a maximum sheet size of 3600 x 1500 mm.


The earthy, industrial aesthetic of weathering steel is what makes it such a trending material choice for cladding. Pleasing to the eye, this look has become popular with many high profile architects in Australia. Enjoy a lighter and more durable solution than Corten weathered steel by using DecoClad solid aluminium cladding finished in one of DECO's unique instant rust-look powdercoat colours.


Australian homeowners love to relax and entertain in their backyards, and often look for the next innovation that will further enhance their outdoor spaces. If you are planning to add a new standout design feature to your backyard space, you could consider a pergola.

Replicating the look of weathered steel, DecoVogue's rust-look finish on aluminium is a flexible solution offering limitless design opportunities to create the perfect pergola for your space.

Batten Fencing

If you’ve been spending time researching home designs and building products, you’ll know that battens are becoming a very popular feature in interior as well as exterior design.

Battens are perfect for adding depth and contrast to your landscape design; when installed in an authentic rust-look finish, they add a unique warmth that blends perfectly with plants, stone and other natural elements.

Privacy Screening Cladding Pergola Batten Fencing